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Twisted History: Modern Day Island of the Dead

Large and myself recorded a new episode and broke down everything you need to know about New York City's Island of the Dead, Hart Island. If you find this blog interesting, follow the link to listen to Twisted History.

With coronavirus death tolls rising, drone footage has circulated of New York City resorting to mass graves on the Bronx's Hart Island, 16 miles from the Empire State building.

This is not the first time Hart Island has been used as a mass grave, contributions stay consistent without a pandemic. The dead that are unable to afford a funeral, or with no family, are stacked 15 deep in pine wood boxes. Every 25 years, after the caskets have decomposed, the holes are dug back up and refilled with more bodies. All this information, along with the stories of people resting on Hart Island, are all told in the documentary One Million American Dreams

Hart Island hasn't always been a location for a mass grave, it has served several purposes since being claimed by the Union in the Civil War, according to Twisted History's research data department, Saint Anne …  

  • Training ground for African-American troops during the Civil War
  • Union Civil War prison camp in 1865
  • Psychiatric Hospital
  • Tuberculosis Sanatorium
  • Homeless Shelter
  • Jail
  • Drug Rehabilitation Center
  • Boy's Reformatory
  • Missile Storage during the Cold War

Find out every dark and twisted secret about the tax funded mass grave right in our backyard