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UFC Fighter Dustin Poirier's Nonprofit Foundation Donated 1000 Meals To Hospital Staff On Easter Sunday

I'm gonna try to share some positive stories a little more often here on the blog, and this is definitely one of them that made me feel good and a little hopeful about the world this morning...

Dustin Poirier and his nonprofit foundation "The Good Fight" partnered with Deano's Pizza in Louisana and donated over 1000 meals to hospital workers and those helping fight the battle against COVID-19 yesterday, on Easter Sunday. I believe they will continue to do so throughout the week, as well. 

Dustin has always been one to give back in his career, constantly doing charity work and auctioning off his fight gear, so this may be just other day for "The Diamond", but I wanted to give him props. 

That's fucking awesome, and it's exactly what one of our own, Mr Borrelli, is doing as well...

Just to keep the good vibes rolling, I'll even throw in some of Conor McGregor's updates from yesterday, which show shipments upon shipments upon shipments of masks and medical supplies he bought going out to hospitals all over Ireland…

You truly gotta love to see stuff like this right now. There's a warm sense of togetherness in it all - even though I know there may not be - which feels very comforting right now.

Thank you to all medical professionals risking everything to fight back against this horrible virus right now, and thank you to those supporting them. We support you every step of the way!!!

Click HERE to donate to The Good Fight