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This Guy Just Wants To Get Back To The Days Where You Can Stick Your Tongue In Someone's Ass

Is that a real news interview? It's really anybody's guess. It probably isn't but he makes some really good points and some REALLY bad points. For instance, coronavirus is obviously super serious and should be taken super seriously. If anything has become clear over the last month or so it's that coronavirus is one of the most devastating things we've come across as a human race. That fucking thing is killing thousands of people every couple of days and that's so goddamn scary my brain can barely comprehend it. 

However, his point about wanting to get back to a point where we can stick our tongues in other people's asses is a very good point. That's really what we're all striving for. Yes we all want to everyone to be able to get back to work so the economy gets outta the toilet and jobs come back and bars and restaurants can reopen and all that stuff. But the real reason we want all that to happen is so we can start eating ass again. Everything I mentioned before is a means to a rear end. We want people to have jobs and money again so they can afford to go on dates and hopefully eat some ass later on. We want bars and restaurants to open back up so we can take other consenting adults out on dates in hopes of eating some ass. 

So the next time you think social distancing is stupid or whatever, remember that the more you do it, the sooner you'll be able to stick your tongues in someone's ass. That's something we can all rally around.