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Survivor Is Officially Set For A Three Hour Season Finale And Virtual Reunion Show

Deadline: CBS has revealed scheduling plans for the upcoming season of The Amazing Race and the season finale of Survivor. The broadcaster will air a three-hour season finale of Survivor: Winners at War, which is the 40th season of the reality competition series.

The show, which filmed last summer in Fiji, features 20 returning winners from past Survivor seasons competing for a $2 million prize. Following the 39-day battle, host Jeff Probst will crown the winner. During the finale, Probst will virtually connect by video with all 20 players to discuss the highlights of the season.

It will air Wednesday, May 13 from 8-11 PM. Prior to the finale, CBS will air a two-hour penultimate episode on Wednesday, May 6.

Some pretty big official news in the Survivor world. We have an official date and plan for the season finale. As always, there will be a two-hour season finale and then an hour long reunion show. Although lately, the gameplay has been running until after 10 PM and shortening the reunion show. I am not complaining, however. I'd rather see more in-game action than hear about Sia's favorite player, who a 12-year-old wanted to win, or what Cochran is up to. No offense Cochran. 

But this year the reunion show will be done virtually between Jeff and all 20 players due to social distancing. Now this won't matter much for the actual reunion show. Jeff can ask all his questions to players, and we can see season highlights without a problem. The most interesting thing to me will be the winner vote reveal. 

Starting in Season 2, Jeff takes the final votes with him from the island and then they get read live at the season finale studio months later. Assuming CBS did not foresee a viral pandemic coming, and also assuming they didn't want to read them on the island as a nod to Season 1, this means Jeff will have to read the votes virtually. That should be fascinating. We're so used to seeing the Final Three huddle together all dressed up, with the winner then running off into the crowd to hug their family as the theme song drops. Goosebumps every time. It's what I daydream about in the shower. So it'll be really interested to see how this is done. Does the winner's family just mob them on the couch? Do they run off screen? Do they just pump their fist and say "Heck yeah!" We'll have to wait and find out. 

Other notable news from this is that we're getting a two-hour episode penultimate episode as well on May 6th. Love this. We need as much Survivor as possible right now. There's 10 people left right now so let's do some math. 

Wed. April 15th - 9 left after episode

Wed. April 22nd - 8 left after episode

Wed. April 29th (my birthday in case you were wondering) - 7 left after episode 

Wed. May 6th - 5 left after two-hour episode 

This is assuming no medical evacuations or anything else crazy. That leaves us with 5 left heading into the season finale, when one person from the Edge should return, and we'll then get a two-hour plus showdown from the Final 6. I'm rock hard just thinking about it.

After the finale, we may be in for a long Survivor drought. Seasons 41 and 42 should have already begun filming, but production has been delayed. Ideally, they can just test everyone before leaving and then they should be fine on a deserted island. But obviously makes sense for CBS to take as much caution possible. I just need Survivor.