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Today In Philladelphia Sports Misery

Sixers out-tank the pitifully embarrassing Knicks (which I guess is good?). The Flyers have about a 3% chance of making the playoffs going into the All-Star Break. There’s a report the Eagles are looknig to get rid of Nick Foles and blow this shit up. Annnndddd it’s colder outside than the ex’s heart. Oh, and the Phillies look to start Spring Training in a couple weeks. Nothing like seeing competitive baseball for the first 40 or games of the season before they’re mathematically eliminated. A picture of Hunter Pence flew by on my Twitter timeline today and I instantly thought why the FUCK did the Phillies sell the farm to get his ugly ass then trade him away for less than dick a year later? WHY?!?!?!? He’s only been the leader of 2 WS teams since. Our outfield is a walking, talking abortion and there’s no reason why it should be like this. Victorino was given away for nothing, too. Fucking A, man. I hate this team.

Trivia Crack can, once again, go fuck itself.