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I Was Today Years Old When I Realized That 50 First Dates Takes Place In The Same Cinematic Universe As Tommy Boy

Yeah that headline is the same as the tweet. So sue me. I would rather plagiarize myself than try to come up with another way to describe that video with my muddled quarantine brain.

Now I'm sure that internet hardos will say this has been known forever. Well it was new for me, so BACK OFF!!! And of course diehard movie fans will say that Dan Akroyd referencing the movie where he played that scoundrel fuck Ray Zalinsky was merely an Easter Egg placed in the movie by Adam Sandler in honor of his good friend Chris Farley. 

But tell me, which scenario would you prefer to believe?

A. Tommy Callahan is not only alive and well, but Callahan Auto Parts is successful to the point that it is able to help fund medical studies for people severely impacted by head trauma like Tommy was after eating all those paint chips. He has three kids (Tommy IV, Richie, and Helen) with Michelle, who keeps the kids and Tommy in line like only she can.

This scenario also opens the door for all of Adam Sandler's "lesser" movies (and to be honest 50 First Dates is clearly on the better side of the Sandler Scale for movies that were made after The Waterboy) to be merely vehicles that tied other classic flicks together. I haven't seen what I'm sure are comedic gems like Jack And Jill or That's My Boy. But if they could just make one reference to someone from Mike Donnelly or Governor Tracy, it would kinda salvage how I think of 21st Century Sandler, who is pretty much the Knicks of comedy movies considering when both went from awesome to shit.


B. That line was just an Easter egg and nothing else.

If you can trick yourself into believing that a funny movie like Elf is a prequel to a hilarious movie like Step Brothers (as I have chosen to do), you can believe whatever the fuck you want to make Sandler's IMDB page much less depressing.