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This Video Of UFC Fighter Anthony Smith's Home Invader Screaming "From Deep Within" Is TERRIFYING

If you didn't catch this story last week, it's worth going back and checking out...

TL;DR - Some lunatic (who was likely hopped up on bath salts or meth or something like that) broke into a bunch of houses in Nebraska recently, one of which was the home of UFC Light Heavyweight Anthony Smith. 

When he got into Smith's house (at 4am), he started screaming "deep from within", just a few dozen feet away from Smith's wife, mother-in-law, and three daughters, so a brawl immediately engaged. Smith fucked this guy up in what he described as "one of the hardest fights he's ever had in his life", claiming the guy was eating every shot he had to offer despite him being a random schmo and Smith carrying maybe a 50lb weight advantage. Probably the meth or whatever. He also turned out to be a former college wrestler if that means anything to ya.

When Anthony Smith described his home invader's scream as "from deep within", and spoke about it with the tone of voice that he did - clearly still spooked from the recent encounter - it stuck with me. More than anything from that interview, that's what horrified me. Imagine waking up at 4am to a grown man a room over screaming nothingness at the top of his lungs, "from deep within"? 

Uh, no thank you. Especially given the fact that I'm not a top-tier UFC fighter, and instead look like a Tim Burton claymation figure without any of the coolness.

Now we've got a neighbor's doorbell camera from the night of the home invasion, which features that scream "from deep within", and it definitely lives up to the hype. It's about as frightening as it gets. Don't do drugs kids.