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I Can't Wait For The Steelers To Draft Their Next Great Running Back Next Week

It's been a good run for James Conner

More than that. 

He's a hell of a story, and what he's overcome is truly inspiring, praiseworthy stuff. He'll always be a fan favorite being a Pennsylvania kid, going to Pitt, beating cancer, getting drafted by the Steelers. Hollywood script shit. 

But it's time to bring in the next great Pittsburgh Steelers running back. 

Round 2, Pick 49 overall - I would love LOVE to see Dobbins, Akers, Taylor, Dillon, hell even my guy Clyde Edwards-Helaire at this pick. 

Preferably I'd go Jonathan Taylor. That'd be a dream. He can do it all. He's durable, big, can bust long runs, catch it out of the backfield. Same with Dobbins. May not be as big as Taylor but he's a home run waiting to happen. 

Right now I keep seeing mock drafts that have receivers going to them in the second round. Another one? I mean damn, they've drafted one in the first three rounds every year. 

JuJu, Diontae Johnson, James Washington, picked op Deon Cain do they really need Jalen Reagor in the second round? 

Give me one of those running backs listed above and let's ride with a fresh young bull in the backfield to take some of the load off of Big Ben. 

I know we all have mixed feelings towards Le'Veon Bell for a variety of different reasons that still kind of piss me off but then I just laugh because he's a Jet, but the last time the Steelers drafted a bigger back in the second round was Bell. 

I'm not saying one of these dudes will turn into what Bell was when he was with the Steelers, I'm just saying it could. And damn that'd be a welcomed addition to the offense.