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Watching These Two Morons Argue Over A Bus Window Makes Me Want To Jump Off The Side Of A Cliff

First of all, I'd like to apologize to everyone who just watched that whole video. Those are two minutes and forty seconds of your life you'll never get back. Second, I'm not going to jump off a cliff, it's a figure of speech that I'm required to clear up in here so I don't get in trouble. Having said that, if I were on that bus...I might have. That or I would've catapulted myself out of the window and into oncoming traffic. I mean how stupid can two people be? Seriously. You're going to sit there for three minutes and go back and fourth without saying a word? TURN AROUND AND TALK. Yell. Physically fight. Do anything other than what you're doing to work towards a resolution. 

The whole thing just goes to show how people's brains shut off when they're on public transportation. There's something about being trapped in an environment with strangers thats sends people into survival mode. It's honestly bizarre. I miss a lot of things about not being in quarantine, but seeing lunatics like these on train/bus/street is not one of them. 

Now here's a clip from a blog Clem wrote back in 2017 that I think you'll enjoy. You're welcome.