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Coach Cal Is A Genius Pt. 592,582,103: Calipari And Mark Cuban Might Have Just Restarted The IU/UK Series That IU Fans Have Cried For

Well would you look at that. The biggest genius in all of college hoops is back to keep another fanbase happy. Indiana fans have been bitching and moaning for years thinking they deserve some sort of right to play against Kentucky every year. Ohh they don't want to come to Bloomington! That's all they ever say. Well, yeah, your fanbase has a bunch of pieces of shit that left a sour taste in Cal's mouth. When you're on top of the mountain like Cal is you get to pick and choose who you play and why would he waste a game on Indiana when he already has better high major schools on the schedule every year? 

But this? This is a solution. You put the face of college basketball against a team desperate to be its rival as the first one to get out of this pandemic? Brilliant. You get Mark Cuban involved? Even smarter, even if he did pass on Big Cat's brain. Donate all the money to charity, because Cal is a humanitarian, put it on TV and welcome back to sports. I'm sure Indiana fans will still bitch and moan about it, but Cal is literally tossing you a bone here. He's doing your AD's work. 

I love this though. Let UK get a warmup game before the Champions Classic. Even Cuban is on board with no fans (h/t KSR) 

“Cal I’m talking about now,” he added. “I’m saying, as we try to transition out of this, we need to get those first games. Lexington and Bloomington are so close. We flip a coin, decide where the game is played that way, we get on buses, we take the buses right to whichever arena and then we just throw the ball up with fans or without. Made for TV. If the NCAA doesn’t want to go for it, I’ll figure it out. I’ll get us a TV partner or you have your TV partners. IU’s got theirs. Let’s just do this. Let’s be that first game coming out for college athletics and get the ball rolling.”

Just a friendly reminder that Kentucky leads the series 32-25, 10-4 since 2000, 15-5 since 1994 and 17-6 since 1990. That said, let's get weird with scheduling and games when we can play shit again. Throw whiny Indiana fans their bone.