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The Colts Finally Made Some Changes To Their Logo And Uniforms

Photo Credit: Screenshot Indianapolis Colts Twitter

The Colts announced some color and secondary logo changes to their uniforms on Monday morning. 

They've long had some of the most simple, classic, and at times dull uniforms in the NFL, and Jim Irsay has been adamant that they won't make any major changes to their uniforms whenever people have tweeted at him their requests. 

Can't blame him. Don't change what works, and most fan suggestions are absolutely terrible. 

Seems to me like the new secondary logo is a pull to try to appeal to more people across the state of Indiana rather than just Indianapolis. That's one thing the Pacers take HUGE pride in is being "Indiana's Team" since they're not just tied directly to Indianapolis even though everything about them is directly in the heart of downtown. 

This makes sense for the Colts especially since they are tied to the city of Westfield, a town about 25-30 minutes north of downtown Indianapolis, for the foreseeable future for their training camp home. It's a great spot, but one of their big pushes has been trying to make training camp as available and open to as many Colts fans around the state as possible. 

I do like the new wordmark in the bottom left. Definitely has a more modern look than the 1998 K-Mart classic Colts wordmark on the right. That will always be the most "Colts", but a fresh new look can't hurt either. Especially with all these young stars and a new franchise quarterback coming soon. 

The numbers will look like the color rush all blue uniforms they'd rock once a year the past couple years. Those numbers were less blocky and more "horse and stable" of a look. Good call. 

They threw "anvil black" into their updated color schemes. My guess would be they have it there not only for merchandising to expand into more black gear, but also to have a legitimate option for an alternate uniform possibility. 

That's right Colts fans - introducing your Boys N Blue N All Black!

Every stadium is dying to have a "blackout" game. Something Lucas Oil hasn't seen since the 2017 season when they went 4-12. 

Overall, it won't be too much of a change. Just trying to appeal to more of the masses and give themselves options. 

But as long as they're still the HORSE and have Peyton outside looking over them then it won't turn away their longtime fanbase like my grandmother.