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Bruce Beck's Tribute To Legendary NYC Sports Photographer Anthony Causi Who Passed Away From Coronavirus Last Night Will Break Your Heart

Last night coronavirus claimed the life of 48 year old legendary NYC sports photographer Anthony Causi of the New York Post. The tributes from all angles have been flying in and you really see what a good dude he was and how much he loved what he did. I don't think you're going to find a better tribute than what NBC's Bruce Beck gave last night on his show.

Goddamn I felt that. If you're unfamiliar with Causi's work here are some of his legendary photos. The dude was everywhere for all the big moments. Check out his Instagram here and your jaw will drop at the moments this guy was capturing. 

Causi was an absolute legend and you can see why a ton of members from the sports world are chiming in expressing their compassion and sympathy towards his family. 

Here are some of the other tributes coming in. This first one especially hit the feels. Dude was just walking around Central Park and caught this proposal live in action. 

Shit is so sad and I don't mean to be such a downer on a rainy Monday, but I felt I needed to share all of the love pouring in for this man. His last Instagram in the hospital just breaks your heart. 

I know a lot of you are, but please please please take this virus serious. It can hit anyone of all ages. If you go outside wear a mask and gloves. Stay inside as much as you can and do your part.

There's a  Go Fund Me set up in Anthony's name for his family if you'd like to help out. Click here