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Here Are Some Additional Ideas The NBA Should Consider Doing During This Quarantine

The one thing nobody should ever do is idea shame when it comes to giving us anything that closely resembles sports during this quarantine. I think everyone pretty much agrees on that. Even a bad idea is better than no idea in my opinion. The NBA has thrown out two so far, the 2K Tournament and then last night's HORSE competition. The 2K one wasn't terrible, it wasn't great by any means but it was something you could mindlessly watch to kill some time. The HORSE experiment was a disaster from the moment it started, and it was pretty damn hard to make it through more than 5 minutes

But again, I'm all for throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks. The first two ideas weren't exactly home runs, but that doesn't mean the league should stop trying. Well, because I have nothing better to do with my time I figured I would help Adam Silver and his minions with a few more ideas

1. Virtual Dunk Contest

Now, this has some potential to be very similar to HORSE where it could get boring, but to me it'd be worth a try because at least they would be doing cool shit. There's a big difference between watching Aaron Gordon do crazy shit and then watching Paul Pierce take a layup. Remember how awesome this year's Dunk Contest was?

Here's my idea. You have a Zoom call with all the judges and each participant. We can Gordon back, we get Derrick Jones Jr, and to make it spicy we get some regular ass dudes that aren't in the NBA but are insane dunkers and throw them into the mix. Half the time the best dunks you see on the internet don't come from NBA players. You then just redo the Dunk Contest just like real life. No need to waste time explaining your dunk through shitty internet connection. You do your dunk and then the judges hold up their score. Boom, it's that easy. 

2. Virtual 3PT Contest

I get it, these aren't new ideas, it's basically recreating All Star weekend, but personally I love the 3PT contest. I'd much rather see the league's elite shooters do that then a game of HORSE. 

Maybe you only include players that have access to a legit court so it can be even. Same idea though, everyone calls into the same Zoom and you run it just like a normal 3PT contest. Do the same thing where it's tied to charity, the whole nine. 

3. Players reliving games

So this is an idea that isn't just a ripoff of All Star Weekend. It would be so cool to see teammates on an IG Live or a Zoom call while talking about a big time game. What was going on in the huddle, the trash talk, what was going through their minds during the game. I'd find that waaaaaay more entertaining than what we've seen so far. Give us fans a never before seen inside look at some of the biggest games in NBA history. It can be current players, it can be old timers reliving the glory days, it works for everyone. Pick any huge game or moment in NBA history, you wouldn't be interested to hear about it from the players/coach's perspective? Of course you would be. 

I'm certainly not claiming these are original ideas, but in my mind they are three options that would be way more entertaining than what we've had so far. I especially want to see option 3, I think that one has the most legs to be really entertaining during this unknown period of no sports. The other ideas you can do once, but option 3 you could have endless possibilities. Of all of them, I feel like that one is the most likely to happen and if I need to start a petition for the league to make that dream a reality, so be it.