Lord Stanley's Cup Will Be In Sea Isle On Thursday If You Want To Get Drunk And Heckle Everything In Sight


SIC – On Thursday, July 17th, the Los Angeles Kings Assistant Coach, John Stevens, who owns a home here with his wife, Stacy, will be bringing the Stanley Cup to Sea Isle City! It will be on public display at the 57th Street Beach between 11:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. If it rains on July 17th, the Stanley Cup will be on public display inside the Community Lodge.

Christ Almighty. We already knew former Flyer Justin Williams is already taking the Cup to AC on Friday. We assumed Ex-Philly boy toys Jeff Carter and Mike Richards would be making the rounds, as well. Because where else is there to go when you win a 2nd professional sports title in beautiful LA and are a hop, skip and jump from Vegas? But now former Flyers’ player and HC John Stevens is joining the act of rubbing it in our faces. Talk about cold blooded. These guys might as well get together and a LA Kings parade down Broad Street before heading down the shore. Good luck escorting that thing out of city limits on Thursday. Some say 11 am is too early to get drunk and start fights. In Sea Isle it’s about 3 hours too late.

No matter what goes down in Jersey it’s going to be tough to beat this Stanley Cup photo with Los Angeles Kings forward Anze Kopitar. Tits included.