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So I Think I Might Have To Kill Hubbs?

Quick backstory: This obviously well balanced and sane gentleman wanted to write blogs for Gametime (offer is still open to anyone interested just send blog examples - not ideas or "Yo bro, I can fucking do this" - EXAMPLES to  He was active and civilized in the Twitch chat and I even played a Warzone game or two with him as we play with Stoolies whenever we get the chance to open it up.  

Well, he sent over a few blogs that were OK.  I gave him tips, told him to keep at it and I'd happily look over anything he sends in and give feedback (something I genuinely try to do for anyone who reaches out).  He then proceeded to try to get people to say the N-word in the Twitch chat.  Why?  The fuck if I know.  When I inquired he responded with basically a "You don't get humor, bro" and compared himself to Dave Chappelle.  Seriously.  Which then led to this: 

Ricochet shot at Tommy Smokes, too.  Also, unbeknownst to me this phsyco was banned from PMT's Twitch chat already.  And now I may have to kill Hubbs?  I mean, I know he didn't sleep with my "Fiance".  He knows it.  But I can't really take any chances, right?  Hubbs is a dead greaseball walking.  

Till then, enjoy more of whatever the hell it is we got going on live:

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