I'm This Close To Kicking Smitty's Ass Over His Blockhead Warzone Mishaps

LITERALLY WHAT IS THIS MOTHERFUCKER DOING. Now hand up, I love to drive the cars and copters. Automobile Balls is what they call me...It's a great way to get from Point A to Point B on Verdansk & we were playing in a TOURNAMENT where we needed more kills than our opponent Muj. So how do you find people to kill? Drive around in a sweet dune buggy like we're an army of Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer, and Dale Jr. 

And as we were executing that plan perfectly we rolled up on some bogies so I instantly pressed X to jump out & help the cause. Fired away with any regard for my own life, got the shield down, and still Smitty can't take care of one guy because he claims he couldn't get out of the car when literally all you need to do is press X (or square for you high falutin playstation people)

Then this bastard has the balls to call me AWOL Balls. He really does have some pair on him. Utter disgrace.

Anyways we're about to hop on the sticks with another certified wildcard in WSD no less than 12 hours from screaming our heads off at each other last night. Come hang in the chat and wish us luck...please.

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