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Smitty, Glenny Balls And I Are About To Pwn Noobs On Warzone - Am I Better Than Hank?

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A wise man once said, "once more unto the breach, dear friends." Now I don't know exactly what it means or who said it, but I think I  remember Robin Williams' character saying it has something to do with war when he was schooling Will at the pond in Good Will Hunting, so we're gonna roll with it, because that's what Smitty and I are doing right now: we're going to war.  We're going to war and it's going to be biblical. 

A few minor housekeeping notes:

1. Question: Will I provide more value to the team than Handsome Hank?

Answer: impossible not to.

Question 2: Will Glenny Balls get us killed because he's a reckless maniac when operating motor vehicles?

Answer: more than likely, yes. 

Question: Will Glenny Balls abandon our team and look out for his own best interests and nobody else's?

Answer: more than likely, yes.