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#FishGate Addressed Before It Gets Legs And Crawls Onto Land


Today we received the most disturbing video I’ve ever seen with man performing a sexual act with a fish. I honestly didn’t watch all of it because it was that bad, but I did think the exchange I had with the person who emailed in was blogable with the right angle. Like I said in the post, “You think you nine to fivers have good perks with your ‘vacation days’ and ‘health insurance’ but have you ever been emailed a video of a guy getting blown by a fish?” and so on and so forth.

Originally I had planned to take a SFW screenshot of the video, the reader email with the text and blog that without the vid because all that by itself is still weird as fuck. As with anything risque (we do have advertisers that pay the bills), I email upstairs to get approval on the blog. Pres gave it the go ahead with not only the blog, but for the NSFL video to be included as well with the stipulation there was a warning and it went “after the jump”. So that’s what happened, and in hindsight, it wasn’t the right move. I apologize if anyone was offended. And no, I’m not getting fired. That is all.

Somewhere, Troy McClure is laughing.