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We Had A Full On Broad Daylight Coyote Chase By A Middle Aged Woman Yesterday In River North

Fucking Karen. Running shit in River North. That is her garden. She's not going to let a coyote tresspass. She's not going to back down a wild ravenous animal that by reports on reddit Chicago had a bloody mouth. Nope. She's quarterbacking the capture with her friends from Animal Control. This is what quarantine will do to a person. So desperate for an excuse to go outside, Karen decided to confront a wild animal. She has ZERO qualifications to capture a coyote, but all the bravery in the world. She just needs a taste. A rush. A little something to pass the time and if that is going face to face with an animal that could rip her face off then so be it. 

This does suck though. I feel bad for the coyote. He's just snacking on a delicious rat. A rat that we all want dead. A rat that historically carries diseases far more dangerou than a coyote. The coyote too is doing a public service and cleaning up the city in these trying times. Now he's destined for a life in the wild woods of some place like Wisconsin or Cantigny or worse...death. Which would be a mistake because that doesn't solve the Coyote population problem

From a blog back in July

A normal coyote litter size runs between 4 and 5 puppies. HOWEVAH, if the female does a roll call howl and the population is sparse based on these calls, the female will generate more pups. They’re effectively taking a census with the howling. A low census causes a chemical or metabolic change in breeding females and they’ll have as many as nine puppies in the litter to make up for the population loss. Coyotes are now in 49 states. The only state they’re not in is Hawaii. It’s because they can’t have their population controlled because of this weird ass breeding phenomenon. 

Coyotes are fucking sweet. Would not like it if they started eating dogs or people again, but I hope they were good to that cousin of a good boy.