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Credit To Dick Vitale For Having The Balls To Say What Needed To Be Said About Coronavirus And Putting It On Notice #ITSUCKS

Goddamn I love Dick Vitale on social media. There's just no one like him. I need him and Magic Johnson to get into a tweet off at some point. This is precisely why I love Dickie V on Twitter though. The man is so innocent when it comes to being fucking hilarious. He's right! Coronavirus sucks. It's taken away so much from us. But the 'to be honest' and the please excuse his frustration that he's bored and annoyed on Easter. That's just peak Dickie V. The image of him sitting at the table with his wife, getting ready for that 4:30 Easter ham and ranting about this before pausing to fire off the tweet is perfection. 

Still my favorite Dick Vitale image - him incorrectly holding his phone up to the camera to show him and Sinatra together: 

Just be ready coronavirus, Dickie V just put you on notice

In all seriousness, hope everyone is hanging in with this shit and a big thanks to any healthcare worker/essential worker reading this.