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Reminder From This FedEx Driver: It's The Little Things That Count

We all know what's going on in the world right now. But just in case the pandemic wasn't enough, mother nature fired off tornadoes over the weekend that left many in the South homeless and 18 dead. 

Putting it lightly, we're living through unpredictable times. 

Here's the thing about that unpredictability: yes, it can be scary, but it's also the time when small acts of kindness matter the most. Now is when we can all make a major impact on someone's day with something minor and ordinary because right now the minor is major and the ordinary is extraordinary.  

Take this FedEx man who sanitized a box when he read a note that someone in the house had an autoimmune disorder.  It took him maybe an extra 30 seconds to go back to his truck, grab a wipe, and sanitize the box. But those 30 seconds meant the world to the mother of the child with the disease and that tiny act of kindness spread throughout the country and made national news within the week. Absolutely amazing. 

So get out there (I guess "stay in there" is more appropriate) and do something nice for someone else so we can start reading more positive news!