Wake Up With A Game Of HORSE That Actually Doesn't Suck

Now THAT is a HORSE competition. Anyone who watched yesterday's action knows how rough that ended up being. Pretty predictable but at the same time I was hoping to be wrong and it would actually be entertaining. It wasn't. But Larry and MJ? That was a matchup with true trick shots. In fact, how did nobody get the two of these legends involved for a rematch last night? I don't care if they're old, that would have been way better than what we saw yesterday.

They even followed yesterday's rules of no dunking! This is the type of creativity that last night's competition severely lacked. The haters will say those shots are fake and they actually weren't making those trick shots, but don't listen to them. We need something to believe in right now. Even if Bird was in the tail end of his career in the early 90s when this challenge went down, the dude was still a walking bucket and MJ is MJ. No way he would allow someone to fake anything.