Hockey Dad Doesn't Like A Call On The Ice, Promptly Shatters The Glass With One Smack


“Way to go, Paul”. If you didn’t hear the woman say that without missing a beat, rewatch it. The tone of her voice is so telling. This is not Paul’s first rodeo. Paul has a million % been in trouble for losing his mind at a youth hockey game before. But then he swore he’d change his ways, they let him return to watching 9 year olds play hockey, and then he just shattered the glass (STONE COLD! STONE COLD!) in one fell swoop. That’s Paul for ya. Can never stay out of trouble. A tiger can’t change his stripes and Paul can’t stop berating refs in peewee hockey. Vicious stare-down of the ref too. Pretty much saying first it was the glass, next it’s your ass.