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Ovi Is Training Ovi Jr For a Hall of Fame Hockey Career By Making Him Watch The TV From A Mile Away

What an adorable video of Ovi Jr and his papa watching the Caps win the Stanley Cup together for the first time. Nothing like some father-son bonding watching this moment while locked in quarantine over and over again.

But what really stood out to me is man, rich people have GIGANTIC living rooms, huh? I can not believe how far away the TV is from the couch. When Mrs. Ovi turned the phone around to show the TV, you had to squint to see what was even on it. She started zooming in! That TV could be 70 inches but from the couch it looks like Michael Scott's.

But it's all obviously part of Ovi's plan. Duh. This kid is going to have x-ray vision by the time he gets into the league. You know how we used to sit way too close to the TV and we were warned our eyes would get stuck that way? Well Ovi Jr is going to have the opposite problem. That vision is going to make him the number 1 pick in the draft. Let's do some math...he can be drafted in 16 years, so yep, he should be feeding Ovi Sr for his 1,500th career goal in around 2036 or so. 

Let's just hope he doesn't pass out from the walk from the couch to the TV first.

PS: Just because I love this video. Ovi and his kid are so pure.