Announcing the first-ever Basement Talk giveaway of useless shit

Today is my birthday.

In other news, I decided to get really cheap with attention-seeking gimmicks on Sunday night's 54-minute Basement Talk episode, as I'm resorting to giving my shit away.

Tonight, at 9 p.m., I will host the first-ever Basement Sports Talk giveaway, as we'll host a trivia contest so viewers can win the following:

A blue-and-orange XL PMT shirt that I stole from Big Cat's pile without him knowing.

A George Brett Topps baseball card folder from 1989.

A never-worn XL Walker's Worm Farm shirt because we made 1,200 of them and sold 7.

A Bo Jackson Starting Lineup figure that I might renege on and decide to keep.

And much, much more.

To celebrate my generosity, friends of the program Rico Bosco and Big Cat stopped by to set the tone for this show.