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Wake Up With Mark McGwire Almost Putting A Hole In Cleveland's Scoreboard

The best baseball reactions are the ones that are genuine and not forced, like this announcer watching Mark McGwire almost hit a baseball through the Indians' scoreboard. The first words out of his mouth Big Mac makes contact is "Uh Oh!". That's just a natural reaction to someone doing something you've never seen. No one had ever hit that monster out there, the broadcast said 485 but I don't believe that for a second. That is every bit of 550 at least. I mean it cleared literally every seat in left field. That wasn't some scrub he hit it off of either, Orel Hershiser is the one who gave up this rocket. One of the most impressive shots you will ever see, just based off hang time alone. You don't see many no doubters like this one anymore. Just good, clean baseball here by Big Mac.