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Paul Pierce Got His Ass Swept In The HORSE Competition

I'll admit, not the best showing for my man Paul Pierce. Never a good look to lose H-O-R-S-E to...nothing. Not a single letter for Zach LaVine. Even worse, no wheelchair shot from Pierce. How do you have a HORSE competition and not bust out a wheelchair? Come on Paul. Does he have nobody in his life that cares about him? Huge miss on a day where Pierce could do nothing but miss. 

I will say, love the fact that he has a Celtics court out in LA. Just a blatant fuck you to all his LA Lakers fan neighbors. I would pay an unhealthy amount of money to throw some shots up with Paul and his son Prince on that court. While it was sad to see an idol of mine come up so short and ultimately get very winded during this competition, I think we can all agree that it's the upset of then century that his wifi connection was by far the best of anyone we've seen tonight right? No chance any one of us thought Paul would be able to figure out the technology behind today's endeavor and he was coming through like it wasn't 1999 and internet 1.0. I'll take that as a win.

Fortunately for us Celtics fans the internet exists and it's possible to replace what we just witnessed with a much better look from Paul Pierce. I think we can all agree to never mention this competition again.


I think what makes me most mad about this whole thing was Nick Wright was right. That stings, I can't lie.