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That's A Good Bit!

Obviously, everyone knows Bill Burr. One of my favorite sets of his online isn't one of his specials. It was his set on "Night of Too Many Stars." The crowd was being pretty shitty I guess and he comes out and just goes in. If you haven't seen this hilarious ass set go yourself a favor and watch.

Here is an old Bill Burr set from 2006. Camden, NJ. "The Opie and Anthony Traveling Virus Tour." Here the crowd was pissed off and was heckling and booing everyone before Bill Burr got on stage. Then he proceeds to unload on every last person in the place. Being able to turn that crowd around was nothing short of magical. 

Here is the full set.

The second comedian here is one of my all time favorites, Rodney Dangerfield! Rodney is one of the most famous comics to ever walk the planet but if you're under the age of 30 there's a shot you've never heard his stuff. So here is a video with 101 Rodney Bits! I've always absolutely loved his style because it's so far from my personal style of comedy. I wish I could write one liners like Rodney. 

One of my favorite jokes is anything about his Dr. You know his Dr., Dr. Vinnie Boombatz!