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Rudy Gobert Went On IG Live And Admitted Him And Donovan Mitchell Didn't Talk 'For A While' And Their Relationship 'Is Far From Perfect'

I'm actually surprised Gobert was this honest about the relationship between him and Donovan Mitchell. Remember a few days ago, the report came out that their relationship wasn't salvageable. Joe Ingles ended up mocking the entire thing on Twitter and it seemed to be just one source talking out of his (or her) ass.

The argument wasn't necessarily that Gobert gave Mitchell coronavirus, but it's that Gobert acted like a shithead about it all. The day that Quin Snyder had a team meeting about the seriousness of it all, Gobert touched every mic in the press conference. After that he was rubbing everyone's faces and all their shit in the locker room. That's why someone like Mitchell, who tested positive for coronavirus, was so fucking pissed. 

Here's the thing, teammates don't have to like each other to be successful. Look at Shaq and Kobe or MJ and Rodman or fill in the blank. There are a million examples of teammates that fucking hated each other, but figured out how to put that behind them whenever they stepped on the court. It led to titles and wins and that's all that matters. 

But we've never seen this. Teammates hating each other because of a virus that's caused a global pandemic. We've never seen reports of teammates not talking during a suspension of the NBA season. This is uncharted territory. Now it does seem like they are going to try and make it work with them at least talking. But, if you ask me. This is the only thing that should happen

And yeah I know. This interview was 1000000x more entertaining than HORSE.