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Tiger Woods Delivers Incredible Insight Into How His Family Played Into Winning The 2019 Masters

Look we love Tiger Woods the machine. We love Tiger Woods as Darth Vader in red stalking the corridors of Augusta national with the Imperial March softly bouncing between the trees. We love that man because he gets it done. Because he lives and breathes and exists for the sole purpose of destroying country club brats on golf's biggest stages. Like when they dissect the carnivoristic traits of a great white shark, spending an hour detailing how that thing is essentially one giant muscle laced with razor sharp teeth designed and perfected by the hand of god simply to kill things in the ocean. That's it. That's its purpose. That's what it does. 

That is Tiger Woods.

We love him because he's continued for decades to not only live up to our impossible expectations, but to surpass them. And he's done that by being a well-oiled machine meticulously designed simply to take fewer strokes playing a golf course than any other human being on god/Augusta National's green earth.

Which is why this clip is so good. Tiger opening up about how much his family factored into his win. What it meant. Tiger talking about turning off his phone so he didn't know his kids were physically on property, then seeing them on the 7th hole for the first time. That's nuts. Like what? Imagine Darth Vader dueling Obi Wan Kenobi on the Death Star then looking over mid lightsaber battle to smile at his kids? Are you fucking me?

So good. I love this stuff. Thank god Tiger Woods won the 2019 Masters.

PS -- Gotta lose the beard though.