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MUST LISTEN FOR HOCKEY FANS: 5 Minute Major Podcast with Charlie, Rear Admiral, and Chief






If you follow me, Chief, or Rear Admiral on twitter, you’ve probably noticed us talking about this in the past few weeks. Basically, a lot more podcasts have been popping up on the Barstool Network in recent weeks, with Smitty doing his fantasy football thing and BC and Pres doing the Pick ‘Em show, but one sport that has been largely ignored is hockey. This doesn’t make a ton of sense because as we all know, the Barstool fanbase tends to be huge hockey nuts, and (in my opinion at least), the hockey writers on this site are pound for pound offer some of the best puck analysis on the internet.

So this is where you guys come in. There is a huge dearth of hockey podcasts when you really take into account the fact that the main demographic for the sport and who listen to podcasts are the same people (white, upper-middle class, educated). Look at the iTunes top 200 for sports; only 5% of the shows on there are hockey related and most of those are official releases by the NHL themselves. None of them except two are as popular as Barstool Pick ‘Em, and most of them are official releases by the NHL or individual teams. I want this show to within a couple of months be up there, if not outdoing, all of those shows. That’s the goal, and I think we together with the Barstool fanbase can do it. But it won’t be easy and will take a ton of tinkering around and hard work. So take a listen and tell us what you think. What you liked and what you didn’t like. Tell us on twitter (@CharlieWisco, @BarstoolChief, @RearAdBsBlog), email us (CharlieWisco@AOL.com, BarstoolChief@gmail.com, LetItBleedRearAd@Gmail.com), or write it on the Barstool Subreddit. Write to us good bloggers/writers we can have on as panelists, people/player’s you’d like to see interviewed, anything you can think of to help us or would make us better. We will read it and we will get back to you. Link to listen below.