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Carli Lloyd Says She Still Can Make An NFL Roster As A Kicker ... She's Now Just Pushing it Back A Few Years Because Of Coronavirus

[Yahoo] - “First and foremost I’m focusing on soccer at the moment, but I've always been a kid who loves a challenge,” Lloyd said on the Women’s Sports Foundation panel. “I've never backed down from any challenge.

“I know with proper training and the right technique and someone showing me how to properly kick, I know I could do it. It may have to get pushed a year or two, we’ll see. I know the times right now are a little up in the air, so we’ll see. I’m not ruling it out. You never know.”

Hell yeah. Let's drum up some controversial arguments because Carli Lloyd says she can make an NFL roster as a kicker. Let's get everyone all riled up on Easter. That's what I want to do. Now, this isn't the first time she said she could make an NFL roster as a kicker. 

Hell she even has Hall of Fame kickers offering to help out a bit. Granted, she should probably reach out to PFT if she really wants to learn how to kick, but I digress. 

Put her out there! I want to see it. I'm sick of watching the same cast of kickers just rotate team to team. I swear every kicker plays for 4 teams a year. They get cut 1 week, move on to the team who lost because their kicker lost them the game and some lunatic goes viral for screaming about it. Rinse and repeat the next week. Gimme new people that I'm staring at on a Wednesday fantasy waiver wire trying to figure out what kicker I can steal a win with. 

Shit she already bombed a 55-yarder 

Just don't let her play for the Eagles. I already see it playing out where the Giants leave too much time on the clock then the defense gives up a couple 4th down conversions and with no time on the clock Lloyd drills a 42-yarder right in my face for a win. Can't have that. If she goes to the Eagles I will be cheering against her loudly. 

Now that said, I fucking love her confidence. Why not? What's she supposed to say? Nah, I don't think I can do that. Fuck that, say you can do whatever you want, especially when you have some video of you drilling kicks. Also love saying that coronavirus is going to push it back a few years. Yeah, that's what's going to push back the NFL a few years.