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Scott Van Pelt And Jared Goff Approve Of #MushMadness Here Is What Was Going Through My Mind

The chat is always saying crazy shit like during my first stream they convinced me Coach K died and I almost cried and ran to blog it. So they were throwing names around of who was in the chat and they said SVP. I was hyped as shit when I saw it was real I asked my brother 6 times if it was actually him. Also Jared Goff entered the chat and I think we are all missing sports a lot right now. 

Now for the challenge lets go through a play by play what was going in my head. Funny enough the first shot was one of the closest shots I had all night. I didn't expect to get it quick so I was just trying to get my rhythm down. I knew my target was a little mangled and has the smallest mouth in the world. But shoutout Dana because his jaw has to be fucked. Everyone knows nothing goes through my brain so but when we got into the wii hours of the night like for 3-6am was brutal. There was no en in sight but my pals Carrabis, Coley Kate and buddha Ben joined the stream to keep me going. Also stoolies are the fucking best it was 5am and we had 1k people watching this. I knew we had a problem when I ate too much applebees and had my head in the toilet during the live stream. 

After that I found a second wind and also low key cried a little bit after one ball went off Danas tougue and he let it drop. Once the sun came up I really thought I would still be shooting right now. As I write this my back is so fucked theres no chance Ill stand up and pee the rest of this quarantine. You keep shooting though because greatness has to happen. 

This happened at 630am birds were chirping and my delusional ass cried to celebrate. No better feeling then hitting this shot and celebrating with the two morons you stayed up with for 9.5 hours. Shout out for everyone that tuned in, I can't get out of my bed.