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Sexiest Costume At The Saloon Halloween Bash This Friday Will Be Determined On Twitter

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So this year we’ll be switching it up for the Sexiest Costume Contest. Ordinarily its like 2am and we’re trying to decide by crowd reaction and everyone is fucked up and its always sloppy. Well not this year. We’re stepping into the 21st century and deciding this thing on Twitter. People pretty much live their lives on twitter as it is so why not this too?

We’ll do it just like we do the Friday afternoon Smokeshow of the Day contest. Follow @SaloonNYC and on Friday night we’ll be tweeting out the sexiest girls at the party. Whichever girl gets the most retweets wins $1,000 cash. Pretty simple. So, girls, let me in on a little secret: this is your chance to pull down a grand. Bring the heat with your sexiest look so we send out a picture of you, and then get everyone you know to retweet it. Tell them you’ll throw a thousand dollar party at Saloon on Marathon Sunday. Winning the $1,000 prize has never been easier.

And for the rest of us average looking people, its the same old Halloween booze show Saloon crushes every year:


– $50 3 Hour Premium Open Bar (All top shelf liquor, All Bud Products, All Wines)

– First 3 hour slot is 9-12. Next is 10-1 and last one is 11-2.  Get there early to avoid lines and guarantee entry. You can extend your open bar each hour if you stay the whole night.

– $1000 Twitter contest for sexiest costume

– Email if you would like to be added to the list for your open bar.

– Saloon is on 84th and York. 212-570-5454