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This Tennessee Football Zoom Call Is the Most Star-Studded of Quarantine

Zoom has become all the rage for seemingly every type of communication now that everyone is in their houses. And in the ever-evolving content race, Zoom calls have become a form of currency. In quarantine, he who can get the biggest celebrity on a call holds the power.

Well damn it, the Vols did it again, because I defy you to find a Zoom call with more star power than what just came out of this one. You have to watch the whole thing to see everybody, but a quick rundown includes Peyton Manning, Chris Paul, Dan Patrick, Kevin Hart, Big Boi, Thomas Rhett, Brad Paisley, Mookie Betts, LL Cool J, Eddie George, Jason Witten and a whole bunch more. When you've got Peyton Manning on your side, there's really no limit on who you can get.

This was just fun to watch. It was like the Disney Channel cross-show mash-up episodes, except with much more famous and entertaining people just shooting the shit. For whatever reason, it's very fun to me to see how all these seemingly random people know each other and that they're all friends. We should remember to still do some stuff like this even once we can all go do normal stuff again.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share that fun little call with y'all. Everybody have a great Easter.