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How Much Of A Snake Move Was U2 Sneaking Their Album Into Every iPhone On The Planet


CNet – Apple has automatically gifted the latest album from the group U2 for free to all iTunes users. But some gifts aren’t always welcome. To cap off Apple’s iPhone and Watch launch event on Tuesday, CEO Tim Cook took to the stage with U2 lead singer Bono and the band as it played its latest album “Songs of Innocence.” As a “treat” to Apple users, Cook said that the album would beavailable free for all iTunes users. People usually like free things, but not necessarily when they’re forced on them unexpectedly, especially with no easy return policy. A slew of Apple users are complaining that the album is automatically appearing in iTunes and on their iOS devices whether they want it there or not. And there’s no truly quick and simple way to remove it.

You got an iPhone? Go check your music library. You’ll have a brand new shitty U2 album on there. And I, for one, don’t like it. I’m usually not one to complain about free shit but not when it comes to music. Is there no honor in the industry anymore? Does Bono have no pride? You wanna give me a free game or something, fine. But dont go forcing your music all up in my shit. That violates like everything about the music biz. The whole point is that you made music that people want. Music they either pay for or seek out. Everybody knows your new songs because you earned it. Not because Apple fucking incepted it right into my iPhone. Put my shit on shuffle and some lame U2 song comes on that I never even wanted. And they have the nerve to refer to it as “the largest musical release ever.” Get the F out of here.

That would be like if Twitter just automatically made everyone follow your account. Its like when that asshole Tom on Myspace was friends with every single person. Its horseshit, is what it is. Make it available for free and let the people decide if they want to download it. Its musical and technological tyranny and I wont stand for it.

PS – Worst part is its like impossible to delete since you cant just go to your iTunes library and delete it. Fucking Apple and U2. Think they can do whatever they want.