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Devin Booker Winning The 2K Tournament Is The Biggest Achievement In Suns History

I don't want to be dramatic, but is this the greatest accomplishment by the Suns since their inception in 1968? I don't mean to shit on that franchise but this is a team that has never won a title of any kind in the history of their existence. A couple Finals losses in 1975-76 and 1992-93 but other than that they haven't even sniffed a final round. To get not one, but two of their players in the 2K Finals I feel is worth at least some sort of banner in their arena. This is a team that has missed the playoffs every season since 2009 so I say let them and their fans have this moment.

Now I said from the start of this whole 2K tournament, it's kind of lame that each participant wasn't forced to use their own team during the whole thing. That would have been way more entertaining. Everyone just picked the best teams in the league during their matchups which is lame as hell. That would be my main change if they ever do this again which is sounds like they are. That and you can't have multiple people from the same team. Not sure how that wasn't brought up on Day 1 but whatever. 

Booker faced off against teammate Deandre Ayton in the Finals

and they were given a poll to select teams for the first game, either the Lakers or the Rockets. Again, that's pretty lame. 

Then in their next matchup they went Bucks/Nuggets. Surprise surprise! I feel like the Bucks had to be the most chosen team during this whole tournament. I get it, but there's only so many times you can watch someone play as the Bucks. 

Based on where you look, Booker was actually the betting favorite at +350 and Ayton was second at +650. Those were odds I found in an article written on April 3rd so I find that a little suspicious. That same article also shows that Derrick Jones Jr was a -2 favorite over KD in the first 1 vs 16 matchup and we know how that ended up so something tells me there was some fishy business with this whole thing.

But hey, a title is a title and Devin Booker got it done. 

Now that the tournament is over, if we're being honest I found myself only checking in on it every now and then. I watched the first few games when they were on ESPN, but even as someone who plays a lot of 2K, it didn't have the spice that I hoped. Nowhere near enough trash talk, and it just got boring watching players choose the same teams over and over. At the same time getting something is better than nothing and I imagine I'll have the same feelings towards the league's HORSE competition. Just something to throw on to help pass the time but certainly not must watch stuff.

So congrats to Booker and the Suns. Maybe improve your roster and next year Booker will actually be willing to choose his own team to defend his title.