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Wednesday Afternoon #MailTime: The ABCs of Mailtime

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Some material you’ll need for this week’s episode:

Reader Email - So I’ve been seeing a chick since about May and today she drops on me, “which comes first in the alphabet m or n?” She’s done shit like this before where she’ll say, “did you know all cars have a spare tire?” Or some obvious shit that maybe she doesn’t know about because she’s a chick… But the fucking alphabet? I mean she’s the daughter of immigrant parents andAsians use a different alphabet so I’ll give her that, but shouldn’t a 21-year-old woman know her ABCs by now? Is this a red flag? What do I do? What is the most bizarre/retarded thing a woman has said to you?

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 1.56.17 PM


Completely and utterly ridiculous segment this week about this chick who doesn’t know her ABCs. Super producer BC and I discuss all sorts of other dumb stuff chicks do. We discuss who invented the Money Shot  and why its the most important part of any porno. What makes a good wing man, and the return of everyone’s favorite game “One Minute Man.”

Also we have a premium episode on deck being released at midnight tonight. The greatest characters in song history. Everyone from Jack and Diane to Brenda and Eddie, 867-5309 Jenny, to Mr. Cheeks and Renee. Its a lot like the Misheard Lyrics episode and the Most Absurd Rap Lyrics Epsiode. So if you liked those, sign up for a premium membership now here.  1 dollar a month and you get an extra episode each month.