KFC Radio: Christopher Columbus And Oedipus

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After a couple weeks off, the Triumvirate of Stupidity did not disappoint. I feel like there’s been like 4 or 5 times the past couple months I’ve been saying “This is our best episode since…” and I think I’m just started to realize that me Feits and Big Cat have really hit our stride with this dumbass show.

The big debate this week was courtesy of Stoolie Kevin @kjhogo who asked if Barstool had unlimited money and 15 years, would we be able to build a fucking spaceship and land on the goddam moon. Which, truly, genuinely, is the dumbest question ever asked on this show. But he added a second part asking if we had 5 years, unlimited money and had to build everything by hand, could we successfully sail to Europe. Which, again, I think is almost just as ridiculous. Surprise, surprise though – Big Cat thinks we could do it. He declared himself “smarter than Christopher Columbus.” Conor the Mick who edits KFC Radio agrees with him. Thinks that after 5 years we’d all become nautical engineers and sail to England. Naturally me, Feitelberg, and common sense agree there’s no shot in hell we’d make it. I mean for fuck’s sake its been 10 years and we still suck at being a blog. All the sudden after 5 years we can build boats and sail the Atlantic? Christ almighty.

So I ask the Stoolies – do you think we could sail to Europe?

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