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Quarantine Life Has Never Been Summed Up Better Than Scott Van Pelt Commenting On Mush Madness In The Middle Of The Night Instead Of Getting Ready To Cover The Masters

Quarantine life has never been summed up better than Scott Van Pelt commenting on the Mush Madness periscope in the middle of a Saturday night in April. Dude is supposed to be getting ready to cover the final day of the Masters and instead he's watching Marty take upwards of 2,600 chip shots of ping pong balls off a cooking pot into the zillion beers guy's mouth. We all need serious psychological help. 

I feel like there's a good chance Mush Madness makes its way into the next top ten on SVP's SportsCenter right? Maybe even "the best thing I saw today." More likely than not I would imagine, even if Dana blatantly cheated. Sure ESPN hates us, but SVP has power over pretty much anyone at that company. He wants something done it gets done. For all I'm concerned that was our Masters last night/this morning and it needs to be covered. What a job by Martin J. Mush. Get him a jacket.