Dude Sucker Punches Guy In Midtown In Dispute Over A Puppy

NY Post – A fight over a little white dog left one man critically injured in Midtown when a hothead went berserk and sucker punched the victim in the face, cops said. The attack was caught on camera and shows the suspect punching the victim in the face 6:30 p.m. Tuesday on West 55th Street and Ninth Avenue, according to police. The victim was out with a friend who was walking the little pooch when the suspect stepped over the dog in order to pass the duo on the sidewalk, police said. The irate dog owner got into it with the suspect, asking him why he stepped over the dog, according to police. That’s when the victim jumped in and started arguing with the suspect. The hothead, believed to be in his 30?s, then followed the victim down the street and threw a single punch at the victim’s face, cops said. The victim was knocked off his feet and his head smacked on the ground, cops said. The video was uploaded to Youtube by a witness. The victim was rushed to New York Hospital Presbyterian Hospital where he is listed in critical condition, according to police. The dog and dog’s owner were not harmed. The suspect is described as being 5-foot-10, 170 pounds with blond hair, police said. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

Perhaps the biggest bitch move ever? I think so. Out of all the sucker punches we’ve seen, this guy literally sprinting away before the body even hits the floor might be the most cowardly. Although I suppose its better than him sticking around and wailing on that dude while he was knocked out. But had it not been a KO, this dude would have just been running like a bitch. I mean I’m no tough guy. Not telling you I’d square up with a guy and throw fisticuffs in the streets in a fair and organized manner. But thats because I wouldn’t be throwing punches over a puppy in the first place.

The dog owner is kind of a dick for freaking out about him stepping over the dog in the first place. I can kinda sympathize because sometimes people act like fucking retards walking on the street around dogs. It’s like they freeze up and can’t figure out how to walk when there’s a dog in their path. Gotta be smarter than the canines, folks. But if you do call someone out for stepping over your dog and you do exchange words, I guess the lesson is keep your head on a swivel. Get ready for a little Wax On Wax Off or you’re about to be knocked the fuck out.

PS – Great lettuce on the sucker puncher. Flow for days.