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We've Got Our First Homer In a Regular Season Pro Baseball Game In 2020 And It Was a Beauty

Today the CPBL (Chinese Professional Baseball League) got underway with no fans in attendance. It took less than two innings to see what'd it be like to hit a homer in a park with no fans that's not named Camden Yards or Tropicana Field. Little kiss off the foul pole action, love to see it. Quick side note there's nothing like the one second silent uneasy pause when you're not sure if a ball is going to stay fair or foul down the line turning into pure joy and jubilation when it drills that metal pole. 

Back to the Chinese homer, we've got shrieks from the dugout forming into team soccer chants as the player rounds the bases. Imagine what someone like Tommy Kahnle is going to sound like if we actually get this shit going in Arizona? Also how about the first base coach coming down the line to home plate to greet the hitter after his homer? Usually those are the guys getting shunned on a high five rounding first, but they get their money's worth in China apparently. Zero regard for the six foot rule! Clean that up. 

Hopefully this shit actually works and proves we can have baseball under these bizarre circumstances. Looks like we're trading in the high five for the double hand clasp. Genius! Just tell the first and third base coaches next time. 

Right now we're all rooting for Chinese baseball. Maybe they can release a few gambling lines or two while they're at it so we can all get in on the fun.