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Today in PMT History: Joe Buck's Secret Obsession

Pardon My Take and AWL's around the world know a handful of things about Joe Buck:

1) He is a great broadcaster. 

2) He hates every team, especially yours.

3) Mr. Cat loves to take pictures of his head.

But aside from all that, there is one thing we learned about Buck on April 12, 2018... sort of.

Tell me that is not Joe Buck! To be quite honest, I'm not sure what this does to one's man card status. Does participating in fake murder videos make you fully immune from getting your man card revoked? Or is it the total opposite, making you banned from ever gaining your man card ever again? I have no idea. I'll let the AWL's decide that one. 

Anyways, wow. That just has to be FOX's No. 1 play-by-play broadcaster. Even if it's somehow not, there's one thing we learned two years ago today: Joe Buck has a twin out there who works for a website that makes custom death videos for murder fetishists.