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Cole Hamels Is #DONE With Quarantine Life - Says He'd Leave His Family To Play Baseball This Year

The potential upcoming decision of whether to choose family or baseball is not going to be easy for some. The thought of leaving your loved ones for possibly five months in order to earn a paycheck is a tough pill to swallow. Not for father of four Cole Hamels. This motherfucker is out!

Happy Easter Sunday baby! Cole's had his bags packed at the door ready to go at a moment's notice since the Arizona plan came to light a few days ago. My man has had it up to here with quarantine life. Dude just stares at the clock 24/7 waiting for that call from the GM telling the guys it's go-time. Now you may say Cole Hamels is a young dude *checks notes entering his 15th season* and is desperate for the money *checks notes again career earnings just shy of $200 million* so clearly those are the two biggest motivators here. 

Nah, Cole is sick of being asked what's for dinner and if he took the trash out. Let's watch Frozen for the 175th time daddy! My man is absolutely #DONE with quarantine life. You know how many of us would leave our families for free right now? Cole has the chance to do it for $18 million and to play baseball. That's called winning the quarantine. 

So much for it beginning and ending right there Brett Anderson! That may have been the case with some last week, but give it time and we'll all start to despise those we love(d) when we're forced to be trapped in our houses with them and no escape. Players going to start to wonder what this q life will be like if it goes through the summer. 

Hamels sums it up best here.

"It is going to be the time where we have to kind of sacrifice and go and start either training or playing in some location where (family) might not be able to come and watch us. Because even though we are looking at this season as something that we're trying to salvage, we have to look for it into the future, into 2021, 2022, to keep fans interested, keep them wanting to root on. Because players are gonna have very small windows to be great, teams have small windows before things kind of change, and so you gotta take advantage of it while we can."