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Weekend Wake Up: Some Of Steve Irwin's Best Crocodile Captures

Pretty wild that the most entertaining guy on TV during our childhood has been gone for 14 years, thought it was appropriate to wake up with our guy Steve Irwin doing some of his famous crocodile capture and rescues. Nothing like boating into the wild, trying to capture the largest crocodilian on the planet, and move it to somewhere safe. Steve did it with ease using a top jaw rope and a stick. Like me, I'm sure a lot of you all watched hours of Steve doing these rescues, he was so damn cool. He'd get nipped by a tooth, or a snake would bite him in the face and he'd laugh it off. Not a big deal, just gonna jump on this croc's face and cover her eyes so she's not stressed out. I'll never forget sitting up on AOL one night at like 3 am and seeing the headline that he died from a GD stingray. Don't think I've gone to bed before midnight since that night. RIP to the legend, Steve Irwin.