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There's Only One Correct Answer Here

The name of the game is value here. Everyone here is a hall-of-famer, and Jason Witten is here as well. Lots of options here but I think the choice is clear

1 QB 1 RB 2 WR 1 TE.      $15

QB Patrick Mahomes $2 (Remaining: $13)

Feels pretty simple. Brady was the obvious answer here but Brady at $5 isn't better value than Mahomes for $2 here. $2! He's done things we've never seen in his first two years and he's the same price as goddamn Antonio Gates.

RB Marshall Faulk $1 (Remaining: $12)

If you know me, you know that this is very tough for multiple reasons. First, I love Barry Sanders. He was the first pick in my head and I went to build around everyone else until I saw Faulk for $1. Peak Barry is the best running back I've ever seen but Peak Faulk might be second. And for $2? Him catching 80 passes from Mahomes? Yes, please.

Second of all, this hurts my soul to pay for a running back. Even $1. Even for Marshall Faulk. Even fictionally.

WR1 Randy Moss $5 (Remaining: $7)

This is my big-ticket item. The reason you find value elsewhere is to splurge on the $5 studs like Moss. Could Mahomes outthrow Moss? Could Moss outrun Mahomes? I'm ready to find out. And I've still got $7 left!

WR2 Calvin Johnson $4 (Remaining: $3)

Hahahahahahaha! While Mahomes is trying to outthrow Moss 85 yards downfield, Megatron might come to snatch the ball away from everyone listed. It was a close choice between him and the similarly priced Terrell Owens but I went Calvin. I feel fine with my decision.

TE Rob Gronkowski $3 (Remaining: $0)

The best TE of all time for $3 is criminal. There were running backs that cost more than this and I've already notified the writer's boss to have this error corrected.

Make a better team with $15. You cannot do it.