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Josh Hart Is Absolutely Losing His Shit While Playing COD And Threatening To Rage Quit

Honestly, this is the most 'Stars! They are just like us!' bullshit you hear. With this quarantine I've reverted back to being a kid again and have stayed up until 2am playing video games pretty much every night. I also get pissed playing the Show and probably why I'm in 10th out of 11th in our Spikes Up League. 

But if you don't think there are moments of absolutely losing your shit - at any level - while playing video games, you're wrong. Now I don't play COD because I fucking suck at those sort of games. Go all the way back to Goldeneye. I'd be the moron that somehow blew myself up or got stuck in a corner. If you don't think I tried to rage quit 100 out of 100 times, you're an idiot. That's all I tried to do. I was sick of finishing last. I just couldn't figure the fucking game out. 

Here's the thing though. I see Josh talking about this and about that when it comes to picking up the sticks. Well, Mr. Villanova basketball after Jalen Brunson, what if I told you there's a man from Philadelphia that would pick up the sticks against you? What if I said there were two guys who grew up in Pennsylvania who would take on you and a Nova teammate in the battle for Pennsylvania? Bet you'd rage quit. We welcome you on our Twitch account