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Happy 25th Anniversary To Game Boy

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 6.44.13 PM

I’m not sure I ever played a single game other than Tetris on Game Boy. And even though I can vividly remember playing Sonic on Game Gear and enjoying it a lot more, I’m style loyal to Nintendo and Game Boy.

So happy birthday, Game Boy. 25 years old. Now there all sorts of Nintendo DS handheld shit thats basically like a fucking iPad but fuck all that noise. You were the originator. None greater. Its been 25 years and I still dont think any game has been able to replicate the anxious feeling you’d get when your Tetris blocks were stacking to the top and all you needed is a straight line but they keep feeding you those Z shapes and shit. Or the flip side nothing has been as satisfying as dropping a straight line right down the side of the screen and nailing a 4 line Tetris. Only thing that compares to that feeling is sticking your dick right in some vagina. Shit was so simple but so timeless.

Now do me a favor and cue the motherfuckin music