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Shit Your Pants Tonight With This Doubleheader

I know people are already a bit anxious so sphincter-clenching thrillers might not be for everyone right now. But at the same time, movies are a way to escape reality for a bit. So why not take in Jeremy Saulnier's pair of films that each have a primary color in the title as well as feature another primary color in the movies (red)?

BLUE RUIN is about a beach bum (Macon Blair) who finds out the killer of his parents is getting out of prison and he embarks on a revenge trip that doesn't always go quite as he planned.

GREEN ROOM is about a punk band that takes a gig at a skeevy dive in the middle of nowhere but when one of the band members walks in on something he wasn't supposed to, the gig becomes a nightmare they could never have envisioned.

BLUE RUIN first then GREEN ROOM. Enjoy.