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Lowering The Bar: Snowpiercer Protein Bars

Lowering The Bar takes a look at disgusting food eaten in movies; tonight it's the gelatinous protein blocks from the movie Snowpiercer directed by Oscar winner Bong Joon Ho. If you haven't watched this movie yet, STOP ... this has a small spoiler

In the movie Chris Evans looks into the metal hopper feeding the assembly line of protein blocks and is disgusted by the fact it's filled with insects. Understandable, but you're going to be pretty damn grossed out no matter what is being chopped up into a million pieces and fed to you. If I looked in a hot dog hopper and saw a million mashed up animal assholes being ground up ... I'd be grossed the fuck out. 

BUT if you want to get scientific ... an insect like a cricket would have more nutritional value in them than pork, chicken, or beef due to the cricket's place in the food chain. While rations on the train were scarce and gross; the back passengers of the Snowpiercer were better equipped for a rebellion because of their diet.


Insects are disgusting, but once you get over the fact you're crunching on little Jiminy Cricket you're basically just eating a protein bar. 

Snowpiercer Gelatinous Bars: 6.7 / 10 on the Lowering Bar Scale of Disgusting